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Health Check: Only One-Quarter of Canadians Believe their province is doing a good job managing health care

'Survey: Provinces' performance on key health care file in massive decline.'

Published 06/22/2022 | By Guelph Now News - Angus Reid Institute Study

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Provinces' performance on key file of health care in massive decline.'

One-quarter believe their province is doing a good job managing health care, the lowest in eight years

Health check: Provinces' performance on key file in massive decline

June 22, 2022 – As fear over COVID-19 dissipates, Canadians’ focus is turning to the health-care system, and most are not impressed by what they see.

New data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds most Canadians – three-quarters (72%) – critical of their respective provincial government’s handling of the health-care system. Indeed, the number of Canadians who say their province is managing health well (25%) is at its lowest point in eight years of tracking by ARI. Meanwhile, half (52%) identify health care as a top-three priority for their province.

Across the country, at least two-thirds in every province say their government is doing a poor job on health care. The most praise is offered in Saskatchewan (30%) and Nova Scotia (30%), but positive opinions in those two provinces are outnumbered by negative ones by two-to-one.

More Key Findings:

• Fewer than one-in-ten (7%) Canadians now select COVID-19 as a top provincial issue. Last year, one-third (33%) believed handling the pandemic was a top concern for their province.

• A majority of every demographic says their provincial government is handling health care poorly, but women are much more negative than men on the matter. At least three-quarters of women of all ages believe their provincial government has done a poor job on health.

• At least two-in-five in every province believe health care to be a top-three provincial issue. The rising cost of living is the only other issue to be selected at that rate across the country.

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