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Martin's Heritage Variety Apples
Heritage Apple Varieties

Yes, these old time favourites are ready!

RUSSET - A medium sized apple that has a distinctive greenish yellow to golden brown skin color. The flesh is firm and cream colored providing a sweet juicy flavor. This apple is a good selection for drying, for baking, and for making cider. It can be kept for months in refrigerated storage.

SPY - Large, crisp, and firm with red stripes. It is a good dessert and pie apple that is also used for juice and cider.

TOLMAN SWEET - This medium to large-sized yellow-green apple sometimes has a red blush and some russeting. The texture is firm with a dryish flesh, pure white and decidedly sweet.

SNOW - Small to medium sized fruit with beautiful red over cream skin. Name comes from it's pure white flesh occasionally stained crimson near the skin. Soft flesh with an aromatic, distinctive flavor. Used for eating and is excellent for cider.

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