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United Way of Guelph & Wellington
      United Way Guelph Wellington - Donate. Local Programs. Local Results

85 Westmount Rd
Guelph,   ON   N1H 5J2

Phone:  519-821-0571
Fax:  519) 821-7847

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Our History

The United Way of Guelph & Wellington began in 1940 as the Guelph Community Chest for War & Welfare Services. It was established to conduct a single, annual campaign for voluntary sector agencies that were conducting individual campaigns.

From 1945 to 1970 the organization was known by many names, such as Red Feather, United Community Funds, Community Chest and the Guelph United Way.

By 1971, the organization had adopted the name of the Guelph and District Community Services Council. At this time, an important shift took place - the organization established a Social Planning program to identify and respond to community needs, as well as to develop a rationale basis for distributing funds.

One of the first activities of the social planning program was the identification of agencies that provided services in the community. This exercise resulted in the creation of Guelph Information – an information and referral service that helped residents access community services.

Between 1976 and 1982, it was recognized that the public did not easily understand or identify with the “Community Service Council”. Therefore, the name was changed to the United Way Social Planning Council to clearly identify the organization’s core programs.

During this period, the campaign experienced tremendous growth, more than doubling its results in ten years. This was attributed to having participated in one of United Way of Canada’s first On-site Campaign Analyses - a thorough assessment of data and campaign practices.

In the following years, the organization made significant gains in its Campaign, the number of funded programs increased significantly, and a Volunteer Leadership Development program was established. After the loss of government funding in 1995, the organization re-examined its activities and decided to outsource Guelph Information and the Volunteer Leadership Development service. This shift reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to three core programs - Social Planning, Campaign, and Fund Distribution.

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