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Stopping at the roadside is always dangerous
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A recent news story highlighted once again how deadly stopping at the side of the highway is. A man stopped on the 400 this week to change a tire was struck from behind and killed. It is a sad fact that when you stop at side of the road/on the shoulder you immediately become a target. It can be very difficult for drivers travelling at speed to determine you are stopped on the side of the road rather than moving in a live lane, particularly at night or in poor weather.

If you must stop on the highway experts recommend that you:

  1. Get to the right hand shoulder and call for help.
  2. Call 911 if you are stranded on the highway to alert police.
  3. If you cannot get off the road DO NOT get out of your car. Keep windows rolled up and seatbelts on.
  4. If it is not safe to remain in your car get out and walk as far away from the highway as you can up onto the shoulder of the highway.
  5. If it is safe - place your flares / warning triangle some distance behind your car.
  6. If it is night time turn all lights interior and exterior as well as your hard lights on.
  7. Hang a scarf or cloth out the window to signal you are in need of aid.
  8. If you have a flat tire at the side of the road SO NOT attempt to change it yourself. Call a tow truck.


Posted on Tuesday, Mar 10, 2015 - 10:09:00 AM EST
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