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Why was my ad changed?
We believe in fair opportunity for all ads to be seen.
If you submitted an ad and it was changed, here are a few of many reasons we may have changed it.
    » The Subject/Title Was Changed
There is a possibility that the title was changed. Numbers, letters, asterisks and any other symbols are not permitted in the title. And we don't allow words that start with the letter 'a' to be used to have the ad display on the top of category pages.
    » Something Was Deleted in the Description
We reserve the right to edit any ad and for the most part, its in a helping way. We'll occasionally correct misspellings. We may delete email addresses as they are vulnerable in the description to spammers. We usually delete links to the other sites unless they go to a picture page.
Please read our Classifieds Policies for more information.
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