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How does Guelph Now protect me from spam?
If you use Guelph Now properly you should not receive spam from participating on the site.

Email addresses should only be provided in their specified areas, usually the contact information area of any form.

All email is transmitted through a "Send Email" form that sends the email to you without the sender's knowledge of your email address. The "Send Email Form" protects the identity of your email address. Your email address will be "cloaked", or hidden, from spammers including spammer web crawlers or spiders.

However, there are things we can't prevent.

Anyone, just like persons that are truly interested in contacting you, can click on a listing one at a time and send an email to you. So you can get some junk email.

We cannot prevent you from responding to an email from the site and providing others your email address.

Another thing we cannot prevent is a spambot grabbing an email address that is posted in the description area of your listing. Please do not put personal information in the description areas - just to be safe. We will delete any email addresses we happen across, but we cannot possibly check all the listings by those of you who self-publish information on the site. The same holds true for phone numbers if you desire those to be safeguarded. More on Internet Fraud.

Guelph Now! will not provide your email address to third parties for any reason unless ordered by a court of law. For more information please review our Privacy Policy


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