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I’d like to write articles or be a Feature Columnist. How do I apply?
Become a Feature Columnist, contributing writer, or a Citizen Journalist on GuelphNow and share your knowledge, experiences and ideas with our Guelph Wellington, Ontario online community!
    » Share Your Interests
What's your passion? Your interest? What makes your eyes sparkle? Whatever your reason to get up in the morning, the odds are good that other people in the Guelph area feel as you do, or can arrive at feeling as you do.
    » Share Your Expertise
You have probably learned many things the long and hard way. Help others by showing them the easy way to do things!
    » Write About What You Know and Love
As a Columnist for GuelphNow you have the chance to make a difference, to persuade and inform your neighbors, and to enrich the community. Write about what you know and love - the list of choices is endless!


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