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What are the Classifieds Policies?
Guelph Now! Classifieds Policy


Guelph Now! provides Classifieds as a community service for area residents to buy, sell, or trade personal and household items online. Classifieds is our way of helping the community recycle.

Classifieds is a service we provide without charge to people who live or work in the Guelph area only.

Classifieds is NOT to be used to commercially sell products or services. Guelph Now! offers a wide assortment of online marketing and advertising opportunities - especially for small and home-based businesses with low budgets. Visit our media kit for more information or Contact A Sales Representative.

Guelph Now! solely reserves the right to edit, accept, or reject any information or item submitted. For more information regarding the use of this site please read our Site Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

We strive to provide a place where all sellers can enjoy an equal opportunity at reaching buyers.

These are the rules and policies for using our Community Classifieds.

    » Posting ads on Guelph Now! Classifieds are for the benefit and enjoyment of people that live or work in the Guelph area.

    » No Shouting. All ad subject/titles will appear in mixed case. The first letter of each word will be capitalized, and only the first word.

    » No playing with sorts. Numbers, letters, asterisks and any other symbols are not permitted in the subject/titles.

    » 'For sale' will not appear in titles of ads.

    » The price of your item will only appear within the ad description.

    » The category you select must match the item being sold, or the ad may be deleted.

    » No Pets For Sale will be allowed. We do allow Pets For Adoption (not for sale) and Lost and Found Pets.

    » No advertising for other ads will be allowed. Links to Ebay, Craig’s List, and other sites selling your items will NOT be permitted. You can add a link in your listing that will go to a photo page, a product catalog page, or other web page that may help sells your item.

    » The sale of beauty products, such as Mary Kay, and other new household products are prohibited.

Thanks for participating on the Classifieds on Guelph Now!!

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