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How do I get started selling on Guelph Now!?
To place an item for sale on the Guelph Now! Classifieds, the process is simple!
    » For Guelph area Non-Members
All you have to do is register and check Classifieds as an interest. Then add your ad(s).

Your ads not be live on the site until we approve your registration. Please be patient. You will be notified by email upon approval. 

Post an Ad without Registering (Guelph Ontario residents only)
    » For Members
Please contact Member Services to setup your Classifieds eGarage Sale account. Be sure to ask for Classifieds publishing.

Contact Member Services

    » Contact Our Classifieds Editor
Still have questions? You can contact our Classifieds editor for more information.

Contact the Classifieds Editor

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