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How do I add a picture to my ad?
If you are an authorized Member publisher for eGarage Sales / Classifieds, you can upload pictures and create photo galleries anytime by logging into My Now!

Otherwise you have to contact a Classifieds Administrator to have a picture uploaded.(Become a free member and this will not be necessary.)

    » For Site Posts - To Add a Picture
For site submitted ads, you must contact a Classifieds Administrator to add or change a picture. Please identify the ad by subject line if you have more than one ad. Provide a link to the picture or we'll provide a place to email it as an attachment. A Classified Administrator will update your ad as promptly as we can, but most likely NOT immediately.


    » For Member Publishers - To Add a Picture
Log into your 'My Now'
Click 'My Classifieds' on the left side of the page.
Find the ad that you would like to add a picture to and click on it.
Click Yes to Add Primary Photo.
Click Browse to bring up your computer's files.
You can upload a .jpg or .gif file type.
You simply click on the picture filename that you want to upload.
Scroll to the bottom of the form and click 'Update Ad'.
You should then see the picture on the ad confirmation page.
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You can contact a Classifieds Administrator for more information.



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