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What can I do to get my items to sell faster? And get more buyers with less emails?
Tips on Making Your Classified Ad Item Sell
Here are a few tips that sellers have told us that helped sell their stuff quickly.
    » Detailed Text Descriptions
Print publications restrict your item descriptions by charging per word. Guelph Now! Classifieds can contain plenty of descriptive information to generate interest. No more cryptic abbreviations or paying too much to adequately describe what you're selling. Take advantage of this freedom!
    » Include a Color Photo - Create a Photo Gallery
Including a photo with your ad is a great selling tool and typically generates more responses than an ad without a photo. The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" hasn't stood the test of time for nothing! Gone are the days of boring text ads. Guelph Now! Classifieds can display a single color photo or you can publish a gallery of photos showcasing the item(s).
    » Grouping Similar Items
When posting clothing and other related items, you should group them into one ad and put the descriptions of all the items that you are selling into the ad description. You can create a photo gallery of pictures for your ad to show each item for sale.
    » Keep Your Subject Line Short and Sweet
The simpler the subject line is, the better your chances of attracting interest. Just BRIEFLY describe the item.
    » Choose the Proper Category
Make sure you have selected the proper category your ad to be seen in front of interested buyers.
    » Price The Item To Sell
The Guelph Now! Classifieds are generally for Guelph Ontario people to get rid of stuff in their house they no longer want. It's a local marketplace, not a global marketplace like eBay where people are bidding up prices. It's more like a lot of local garage sales. Pricing your items like you do for a garage sale works.
    » Maybe You Will Get Featured
If your ad is really nice maybe we will feature it in a related Channel. We reserve the right to feature and highlight Classifieds ads throughout the site at our discretion. We are happy to help you sell those no longer needed items to your neighbours. As they say, one Person's junk is another Person's gold.


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